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MYP/DP Teachers

Tom Triller

Acting Secondary Principal
Individuals & Societies
Theory of Knowledge

Laura Hartel

DP Coordinator
MYP & DP Individuals & Societies

Julia Campbell

Assistant Principal Pastoral Care / Dean of Students
DP Language and Literature German

Alexandra von Wietersheim

DP CAS Coordinator
MUN Director
DP Psychology
MYP Individuals & Societies

Ayla Steiner

Mittlere Reife Coordinator
German Language Acquisition
MYP & DP German
School Medical Service & Environmental Group

Davorin Golubić

Head of Sport

Christopher Riede

Athletic Director
After School Activities Coordinator

Yvonne Slough-Kuß

Theory of Knowledge Coordinator
Head of Language and Literature
SSST Supervisor
MYP and DP English, TOK

Jennifer Brandsberg-Engelmann

Head of Individuals & Societies
DP Business Management

Christopher Slough

Head of Science
MYP & DP Science

Tami Triller

Head of Mathematics
MYP & DP Mathematics

Lynn Bilbrey

E-learning Coordinator
Head of Design
MYP & DP English
MYP Design

Gillian Hunter-James

Head of Art
MYP & DP Art Teacher

Ann-Kathrin Haas

MYP & DP German Language & Literature

Gerhard Hartel

MYP & DP English Language Acquisition

Tara Hewitt

MYP German Language & Literature

Andrew Jackson

MYP German Language Acquisition

Marie-Line Maxant-Domke

DELF Coordinator
MYP & DP French & German Language Acquisition

Yurah Robidas

Interim Head of Language Acquisition
English & French Language Acquisition

Jameela Seibert

English Language Acquisition

Gabriela Weiland

Spanish Language Acquisition

Ernesto Molledo López

Spanish Language Acquisition

Shruthi Binish

Theory of Knowledge

Bill Field

MYP Science & Mathematics

Asemaila Haruna

MYP & DP Science

Laurentiu Cretu


Michelle Moran

MYP & DP Mathematics

Jesse Poulton

MYP & DP Mathematics
MYP Design

Divya Madhyan

DP Economics
Individuals & Societies

Vanygella Shim

Secondary - PYP 5 Music Teacher
Concert Band, Jazz Band, Guitar Orchestra

Lisa Brezinski

Physical Health Education

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