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A warm welcome by Michael Höfig, our Head of School

Welcome on our website!

While cultural and intercultural education is the foundation for human co-existence in today’s complex world, our school provides the prerequisites that students need to interact with foreign cultures and languages daily. Being tolerant and equipped with intercultural competence, capable of communicating in a global world, building bridges instead of destroying them – this is how I imagine our graduates of Strothoff International School when they set off to pursue their own endeavours. Our students are taking the role of indispensable networkers in the wider community, carrying the Rhein-Main region’s internationality within themselves and out into the world.

“To think innovatively and creatively is what matters today.
Finding new solutions, thinking outside the box and finding a cross-disciplinary approach to solve a complex problem…”

this is what Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), considers the core task of today’s schools. It is this objective that has to be followed by educational institutions if they want to prepare their children for the challenges of a world that continues to change faster and faster. We at Strothoff International School are following this objective and provide all it takes to teach our students these competencies which are essential for their future.

Beside this cultural aspect, it is the holistic educational approach that distinguishes our school from others. During their school career, our students go through the continuum of a 100% IB programme from Early Years through to the Diploma Programme, and we are the only school in the region providing this educational approach!

Our students are learning to learn, and they learn what it means to research, to create and find solutions as part of a team. Our teachers have the role of a mentor for all the meaningful things that can’t be found on Google. This fosters a culture of teaching and learning that encourages innovative thinking.

We see ourselves as a learning organisation: we continuously work on further developing our concepts, and especially the topic of multilingualism (because language is a prerequisite to understanding culture). In 2020 we will open a new kindergarten group where three-year-olds will be taught in English and German in a tandem approach.

Intercultural competency and creativity are the key to our future!

Welcome to Strothoff International School!


Michael Höfig.

A welcome from Hans Strothoff, the Founder of Strothoff International School

Education is the greatest gift we possess. For humans’ individual development, but also for our society, our economy and the peaceful coexistence of different cultures. That is why active participation in an educational project was and remains close to my heart, as a way to repay some of my commercial success.

In 2009, an idea became reality with the opening of Strothoff International School. Today the international school in Dreieich has become a permanent fixture of the first class educational opportunities on offer in the Rhine-Main area and boasts an excellent reputation. I am proud of what we have achieved to date. A solid and enduring community of students, parents, teachers and other employees has been established. The school is also achieving academic progress. It is the only school in the Rhine-Main area to be accredited as an IB world school for all three IB programmes – PYP, MYP and DP.

I would like to thank all those who contribute to the success of the school on a daily basis: first the parents for their collaboration and trust. I would also like to sincerely thank the teachers and other employees, who through their work contribute to the recognition of Strothoff International School as an outstanding school.

I remain convinced that a commitment to education is the most important thing that we can contribute to the future. Our society urgently needs well educated and tolerant people. That is why I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure the continued positive development of the school and that it continues to make a positive difference.

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