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Welcome to Strothoff International School!


Cultural and intercultural education is the foundation for human co-existence in today’s complex world. Being tolerant and equipped with intercultural competence, capable of communicating in a global world in a way that bridges are built rather than destroyed – this is how I imagine world citizens graduating from Strothoff International School. Our students are taking the role of indispensable networkers in the wider community, carrying the Rhein-Main region’s internationality within themselves and out into the world.

“To think innovatively and creatively is what matters today. Finding new solutions, thinking outside the box and finding a cross-disciplinary approach to solve a complex problem…”,

this is what Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), considers the core tasks of today’s schools. This outlines the target according to which schools must teach in the future if they want to prepare our children for existing and forthcoming challenges.

At Strothoff International School we offer the conceptual prerequisites for it so that our students learn the skills that are important for their future. The combination of creativity and researcher spirit results in our BAUHAUS concept. Together with our students we are designing the future:

Creativity - Sustainability - Leadership

are key factors of our teaching and learning philosophy. In the CCLL, our Compassionate Changemaker & Leadership Lab, our students test and apply core 21st century skills. While global policy approaches are unlikely to solve the planet’s problems, we believe local leaders are needed to address them with empathy. To this end, we have developed a Youth Mayors curriculum together with leading European schools. And in our new Sustainability Action Lab, projects affecting our environment are being developed by our young changemakers.

In addition to the cultural aspect, it is a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to education that distinguishes our school. Creativity and constructivism form a similar symbiosis as it has already been the basis of the BAUHAUS idea. Our students go through a complete IB program from Kindergarten to diploma. Strothoff International School is the only school in the Rhein-Main region that offers this educational programme!

Our students are learning to learn, and they learn what it means to research, to create and find solutions as part of a team. Our teachers have the role of a mentor for all the meaningful things that can’t be found on the internet. This fosters a culture of teaching and learning that encourages innovative thinking and acting. And between online and onsite learning, both our teams and our students can switch back and forth as needed as a matter of course, without losing educational content.

We see ourselves as a learning organisation: We continuously work on further developing our concepts, and especially the topic of multilingualism (because language is a prerequisite to understanding a culture). At the beginning of the 2020/21 school year, we opened our new Kindergarten, where the three-year-olds are already taught in German and English in a tandem approach. This concept has been so well received that we have opened an additional tandem group in January 2021.

Multilingualism, intercultural competency, team spirit and creativity are the key to our future,

creativity, sustainability and leadership are what matter most to us at Strothoff International School.

Welcome to our school!

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Höfig
Head of School

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