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Fees fall into four categories:

  1. One-off registration fee: € 600 per student
  2. One-off application fee: € 2.500
  3. Annual re-enrollment fee: € 300
  4. Annual tuition fees which vary according to the student’s grade level:
Kindergarten and Pre-Primary: € 15.540
Grade 1 - 3: € 16.590
Grade 4 - 5: € 17.640
Grade 6 - 10: € 18.680
Grade 11 - 12: € 19.740

We offer generous sibling discounts:

  • 15% for the second child from a family
  • 30% for the third and further children

Other additional charges may be necessary:

School uniform: Initial cost of ± € 150 for school uniform.  

Lunch: € 4.80 - € 5.30 per student and day.

Trips: Costs vary depending on destination, mode of transport and length of stay. All trips are invoiced separately.

Examination fees: There are a number of statutory charges, set by the IB that are passed on to parents through the school. These fees vary according to year groups and will be invoiced separately.

Learning support: Learning support is provided for with the school fees. However, there may be additional costs relating to the provision of individual learning support for those with additional educational needs. Parents will be advised in advance of the additional costs for this support.

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