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School Uniform

School Uniform Policy


You can buy uniform articles from the online shop uniform shop here


A small selection of items is available in school - email the School Secretary to enquire.


The school uniform infographic contains photographs and images of all uniform items. In addition to viewing the infographic, you can download a PDF version for easy sharing and printing.


Second Hand Uniform - available from the PTO

Please visit their page on our website for more information.

For students who arrive without the correct uniform, a small stock will be held on site to dress students appropriately for the school day.









All uniform items in this section can be purchased through the

Strothoff International School online uniform shop



Zip-up (hooded) sweatshirt


with school logo

Navy blue

with school logo

Fleece Jacket


with school logo

Navy blue

with school logo



White poloshirt

long or short sleeve

with school logo


White poloshirt with school logo or white business shirt/blouse with logo/ID badge  

Navy blue

chinos/skirt/ skort/ bermuda short

KG & Reception may wear uniform items or navy sweatpants**


Navy blue chinos**/skirt/skort/

bermuda short**


(Skirts/Skorts not shorter than one hand above the knee)


** may be purchased from another supplier

**Chinos and Bermuda shorts may be purchased from another supplier

Please purchase skirts/skorts from the uniform shop

Sports shirt

House colour sports shirt with logo

Air - White,  Water - Blue,  Earth - Green,  Fire - Red

Sports Bottoms


Black sports shorts, sports skort or sweatpants **

Items which can be purchased from other suppliers:


Black | navy blue | grey | red ​(plain)

No hats, baseball caps or beanies to be worn inside the building


Black ​(plain)


Navy blue, black or white ​(plain)


Navy blue, black or nude ​(plain)


Black or navy blue upper & laces ​(plain with no markings, logo or writing), plain white or black sole

Sports socks

White (plain)

Sports shoes

Indoor training shoes with non-marking soles (only to be worn in the gymnasium) and separate outdoor training shoes


Black one-piece bathing suit (no bikinis) or black boy's stretch trunks (no board shorts)

Swimming cap with school logo available from Reception




The school team believe that uniforms allow students and staff to live our vision best: everyone contributes, everyone reflects, everyone grows.  Students are responsible for making principled choices about their daily dress with the support of parents. Uniforms should allow students to reduce the distraction of comparison and make the learning environment more equitable​. The policy will not discriminate based on gender identity, religion, socio-economic status, ethnicity, culture, etc. Students and families are ​accountable​ for making principled decisions about uniform as members of our school community as an example of upholding our shared values.  


All students must wear their required uniform daily unless directed otherwise by school staff. It is imperative that students present a professional appearance and their uniform should be clean and in good repair.  


Uniform Infractions:

School staff are responsible for ensuring consistent enforcement of the policy. In the event, a student is not in uniform (excepting accidents or emergencies out of the student’s/family’s control), the issue will be resolved as follows to ensure as little disruption of learning as possible:


1.   A staff member will clarify the specific infraction to the student and direct them to the uniform shop/responsible staff member.

2.   The staff member supporting the uniform shop will issue the student the required item of uniform clothing. They will notify and invoice the family for purchase immediately.

3.   The student will return to class as normal.



In the event of repeated infractions or specific issues, care will be taken to address the issue individually.



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