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hr-iNFO visited Strothoff International School


As a part of an upcoming radio series on "Digital Classrooms," Stefan Bücheler from HR info visited Strothoff International School to learn about how we are using technology to improve communication, collaboration and creativity.

Teacher and eLearning Coordinator Jennifer Brandsberg-Engelmann made a short presentation to Herr Bücheler about the use of technology in the school. She highlighted the use of Google Apps for Education to improve the workflow between students and teachers, and between teachers themselves. She also discussed the mandatory technology course for MYP1-4 students and our new online offerings for DP students through Pamoja Education.

After that, ten students from MYP4-DP1 discussed their experiences with technology in the school. Maaike discussed her experience with the new online Pamoja Education DP Psychology course being offered by the school, emphasizing how great it is to be able to collaborate with students from around the world. Luca discussed a recent interdisciplinary project in Design Technology and Physical and Health Education that improved his video making and editing skills. Other students commented on the wide variety of tools at their disposal to communicate their learning and organize their learning materials.

Herr Bücheler, who has seen the problems associated with technology implementation in the public school system, was impressed with our school's use of new technologies, and the open and curious stance the teachers and administration takes with regard to technology. We are looking forward to hearing his report!

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