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Strothoff International School welcomes you to an exciting new school year!


At the beginning of the new School Year 2015/2016 Dr. Ilya Eigenbrot welcomes our students and teachers with the song by Pink Floyd "Another Brick in the Wall". Back in the days when “Brick in the Wall” was a favourite song of rebellion and revolution, teachers had an easier – or at least clearer – job. Their mission was to take young people with individual dreams and hopes and to turn them into “bricks” – the standardised accountants, lorry drivers, nurses, engineers that society’s “wall” needed to be strong and to function properly. Nowadays, the teacher’s role is quite different: how can we possibly predict what the careers will be that will exist for our – your – sons and daughters in 10, 20 years’ time? If we turn out bricks, they will be certain to fail, and society will struggle. We need to help them grow into young people with the skills and resilience that can help them succeed in an unknown and uncertain future. Therefore, the importance of working together with the students as a team, to guide rather than dictate, has never been greater. This is the challenge of the modern school, the modern teacher. And it is reflected very well in the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate, which aims to foster a certain collection of desirable personality traits and a love of learning, rather than dictating what each “brick” should now. Here’s to a great year of learning together at Strothoff International School!

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