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Strothoff International School’s campus features two libraries, three playgrounds, science and computer labs and spaces dedicated to the arts and music.


We believe that students should receive a healthy meal every day. Our goal is to prepare meals that are nutritionally balanced and pleasing for the children.

Lunch Menu

At lunch we serve two dishes that change daily. One is with meat or fish and the other one is vegetarian. Salad and fruit are always included. The weekly menu is posted on the school’s intranet.  

The menu is developed by a professional nutritionist, with regular input from a dedicated committee of parent, student and administration representatives,  as well as bistro staff.

Early Years and PYP 1 and 2

Early Years students eat in the Kindergarten area. Students in PYP 1 and 2 have their lunch in the PYP lounge together with their teachers.

Lunch payment

Provision of lunch is compulsory for EY and PYP students and is charged per semester. Secondary school students (MYP and DP) can buy meal vouchers at reception or pay at the bistro with their “Geldkarte”. Alternatively, they can bring their own food and eat it in the Secondary School Lounge. 

Lunch prices

EY:   4,50€ per student and day
PYP/MYP/DP:   4,80€ per student and day
healthy meals
tasty desserts


We have two main goals in music education. The first goal is to promote emotional, physical, and intellectual development. The second goal is to foster meaningful cultural experiences through the performance, understanding, and appreciation of the discipline and art of music.

We want our students to develop an analytical, creative, and intuitive understanding of music as a universal, pan-cultural language. We also give students opportunities for cultural and aesthetic experiences through active participation in music.

school band
practising violin

Science Lab

Lab work and inquiry is a key component to our science programmes, and we are pleased to have two separate classrooms which also double as lab spaces. With an additional prep room, we are well equipped to teach our students the necessary skills through hands-on experience. Students will have an opportunity to use new technology but also benefit from classic approaches to learning science.

science lab
hands-on experience


Experimenting in a range of media is one of the exciting components of  secondary visual arts lessons. The  light and spacious art room is a great place for this to happen on a daily basis.

The secondary art units are designed to inspire students to think about the world around them, observing real life and different cultures. Analysing and critically evaluating their work and the work of others gives the students the confidence to be original in their own artwork.

visual arts
designed to inspire

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