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Celebrating diversity

Strothoff International School has steadily grown over the years. We now take care of some 310 students from more than 30 countries. The most highly represented nations are the United States of America, China, India, South Korea and Russia as well as the host country, Germany. The school is fortunate to have 65 well-qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members from over 20 countries.

Variety, vibrancy and vitality

Each of us adds to the richness of another’s experience. The vibrancy and vitality we feel in the hallways, classrooms and playgrounds is created by the people who are here. At its root are the varied interests and experiences, the different backgrounds, cultures, religions, views, and perspectives that our students bring to their classes and that faculty and families bring to the community.

In order to integrate with the international community in the Rhine-Main area we are active members of the German-Asian Business Circle and the Diplomatic Council. We celebrate the cultural diversity of our school through different events in collaboration with our international community. Some examples include:

  • International Week
  • Art Exhibitions by international artists
  • Cultural Celebration Days

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