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Pastoral care

We provide a comprehensive support structure for the social and emotional needs within our community. Students are best able to succeed when they feel that they are in a safe, nurturing learning environment.

The school also offers students many opportunities to gain experience as leaders in and across their peer groups. This contributes to the education of the students as much as their involvement in their classes.

Lifelong Learning Seminar

The purpose of the Lifelong Learning Seminar (LLS) is to reinforce our core values and encourage students to examine issues that may not be addressed in normal classes. The weekly LLS meetings provide a time and place for Personal Health & Social Education (PHE) needs, including social, religious, sexual, and citizenship education. LLS is also used for some quiet study and individual help with school work by arrangement with the individual teachers involved.

individual help
lifelong learning

Teacher of trust

Each day, students spend 10 minutes with their homeroom teacher in order to receive announcements and messages and quickly update their online school calendar. The homeroom teacher is the primary mentor or “teacher of trust”. Homeroom teachers are the most important staff members for recognizing and meeting the social and emotional needs of each student on a daily basis.

Academic Mentor Programme

We have an Academic Mentor Programme to support students in Diploma Programme (DP) 1 and 2. Each student chooses a teacher to assist them and will meet with that teacher weekly so that they can talk through what they need to do and solve any issues they have in order to stay on track.

academic mentor
individual assistance


The school is divided into four houses: Earth, Air, Fire and Water (green, white, red and blue). The purpose of the houses is to develop a sense of community and belonging, promote social interaction and support students across all age groups. The houses encourage a sense of friendly competition with four major contests spread through the year: cross country, talent competition, academic competition and sports (athletics) day.

Ambassador programme

As an additional leadership opportunity, students from each year level are encouraged to volunteer to be a Strothoff Ambassador for new and visiting students. Visiting students attending an “orientation day” and newly enrolled students are assigned a Strothoff Ambassador who helps them find their classes, accompanies them during break, introduces them to other students and ensures that they have someone to be with during the time they are new to the Strothoff community.

welcoming new students
ambassodar programme

Student council

At the beginning of each school year, the secondary grade students elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer to lead the Strothoff Secondary Student Council for the year. Shortly thereafter a class representative is elected within each section of each year level to represent their class section for that year. The PYP also elects their Student Council representatives after the autumn break.

The primary function of the Strothoff Student Council is to represent the student body with their concerns, interests and ideas on how to better their school. 

Week without walls

The idea behind the Week Without Walls is to challenge all students and teachers to leave their classrooms behind and interact with the world on its own terms for a week of learning and community building. Early Years and PYP run a Curriculum Enhancement Week during the same week, where the focus is on complementing work in the classrooms with activities in the local environment. During this week, the PYP5 classes participate in a week-long residential trip to Switzerland which celebrates their completion of the PYP.

student council
week without walls

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