Welcome to Strothoff International School!

Strothoff International School is more than "just" a school. We see ourselves as a school family within which our students are made fit for the challenges of life. I firmly believe that the atmosphere of a school is absolutely crucial to the success of your children attending that school. Our aim is to make our students feel safe and well cared for, so that they can focus on learning and personal development, guided by our teachers.

We are an IB World School. Our students are therefore taught in several languages, are open minded and learn with a high level of self-motivation and relevance to their own lives. Of course, one of the tasks of school is to teach the students content. But much more important than that is the teaching of life skills: how do I tackle problems on my own, develop solutions and implement them?

We cordially invite you to get to know us!

Guiding statements

Our Motto

Everyone contributes. Everyone reflects. Everyone grows.

Our Mission

We are a warm, welcoming, international community that fosters joy in learning. We challenge ourselves, support each other’s successes, and celebrate the strengths, differences, interests, and talents of everyone. We are committed to developing responsible, respectful, and compassionate problem-solvers who are empowered to engage locally and globally to improve and sustain our world.

Our Vision

To develop successful students within a caring, thriving, and sustainable community together.