PTO Events

The PTO organizes many events during the year for the exchange and cohesion in the school community.
These events are planned in consultation with the school administration at the beginning of the school year and can be viewed in the central school calendar.

If you have any questions about events or if you would like to actively participate, please contact us at
Such events are, for example, Happy Hour and Coffee Morning. Every month one of these events takes place for 1.5 hours. Coffee Morning is held in the morning before school and Happy Hour is held after school, so that teachers and parents have the opportunity to take part in the exchange.

Another PTO event is the Book Club. This meets every 2 months and discusses in a relaxed atmosphere about the book read, impressions are shared and opinions about the book are actively exchanged. Many new books but also classics are presented and together we decide which book will be discussed in the next book club. If you would like to join the book club, please contact us at