Meet our Leadership Team, Admissions Team, our unique Educators  and our Trainees.

Leadership Team

Ana Laura - Head of Kindergarten English

After finishing her Psychology degree in Barcelona, Ana Laura started her teaching working experience in Mexico at the American School Guadalajara. During her time in Mexico and while working as Child Therapist in her own clinic, she extended her knowledge and certified as Early Childhood Educator by the Mexican Educational System.  
She moved to Munich Germany, to continue her international professional life as educator and child therapist.  After 13 years of experience in the Early Chilhood field, Ana Laura took over the management of the kindergarten at Strothoff International School and developed the Tandem bilingual program during the last years. 

Lisbeth - Pedagogical Project Management Phorms Hesse

After training as a state-certified educator, Lisbeth gained several years of practical experience in the crèche sector and in independent youth work. Additional training as a learning therapist, as well as further training for specialized counseling according to the Hessian education plan and systemic work in social work, pedagogy, counseling and therapy form the basis of her pedagogical approach. Lisbeth accompanies the pedagogical quality in our kindergarten of the Strothoff International School since March 2022 in close cooperation with Ana Laura and supports the pedagogical team in linking the IB contents with the Hessian education plan.


Sonja - English Educator

The relevant training and experience of more than 25 years give me confidence and have taught me a lot about how to teach and support young learners with patience and compassion. I believe that emotional engagement is the key to all powerful learning. That is why I bring love, laughter, passion, and meaningful project work into my kindergarten. I always look for ways to personalize learning and engage the child’s imagination.

“A teacher takes a Hand, opens a Mind, and touches a Heart” 

Jenna - English Educator

Jenna has been an international Teacher for the past 10 years.She completed her Bachelors and Masters degree both in Early Childhood Education, working for most of her career in IB schools in the US, Germany and China. Having recently completed 3 years of Teaching and PYP curriculum leading  in China she returned to  Germany to continue her growth in the PYP. She continues to research and study interventions in the early years to further strengthen her Teaching practice. As an Educator she believes in building solid relationships and open communication for a successful learning community. 

Valentina - German Educator

Valentina is a state approved social worker. She grew up in Croatia and has been living in Germany since 2015, where she finished her college education. During her studies, she gathered experience in open work with children and adolescents as well as early childhood care. Since 2021 she has been working as an early years educator in Strothoff International School.  

Alison - English Educator

Alison is originally from the UK where she began her journey as an early year's educator in 1989.  Alison has a wealth of experience to share with you and your child from the UK, Hong Kong and Germany. Alison has really enjoyed working and living in international communities and represents a truly international family. Alison and her family have recently joined SIS and foster the unique and passionate learning environment the school provides. Alison is passionate about the well -being of each child and believes that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Alison feels privileged that you have given her the opportunity to support the first steps of your child's learning journey.

Carina - German Educator

After completing her training as a state-certified kindergarten educator, Carina Meinhardt lived in England for two years and put her pedagogical knowledge into practice. Since 2021, she has been part of the Strothoff International Kindergarten team and looks forward to seeing the world through children's eyes every day through various activities. It is important to Carina to show understanding, empathy and appreciation towards the children and to support them in their individuality, independence and daily development. She believes in doing so, the interests of each child should come first and be integrated into everyday life. Every day Carina looks forward to a varied daily routine filled with fun, joy and love.  

"One must not forget to see the world through the eyes of a child." 


Ruth - Trainee Kindergarten Educator

I am from Peru and have been living in Germany since 2016. After graduating with a degree in International Business Administration, I decided to do a year as an au pair and then stay for a year as a language student. Through this, I was able to find my passion and joy in working with children and helping them develop, as well as, they should find fun in every activity so that their curiosity is awakened. That's why I started an internship in a kindergarten last year and then I'm starting my training as a kindergarten teacher.  

Yara - Trainee Social Pedagogue

I was born in Mozambique, but I did my schooling here in Germany. After my Abitur I took a year to get more experience together in the form of a voluntary social year. In October 2021 I started my integrated studies as a social worker/ social pedagogue and I am looking forward to the integrated work at Strothoff International School. I enjoy accompanying children on their developmental steps. Supporting children in their creativity and individuality is close to my heart.  

Alexander - Apprentice Kindergarten Educator

After completing my technical college entrance qualification at Weibelfeldschule Dreieich, I graduated a voluntary social year at ´Mototherapeutisches Reiten´. I really enjoy working with children because of the happiness and ease they spread. 
I am happy being a part of the childrens journey through the Kindergarden.