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Strothoff got the official NEASC-Certificate!


The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) is an independent, voluntary, nonprofit membership organization which partners with over 1500 public, independent, and international schools in the US and worldwide to assess, support, and promote high quality education for all students through accreditation, professional assistance, and pursuit of best practices. NEASC aspires to provide a process for meaningful, ongoing whole school improvement while honoring the unique culture and context of each institution we support.

Accreditation is founded on the principle that comprehensive self-reflection followed by candid feedback from professional peers is essential to ongoing school improvement and achieving educational success. Periodically reviewed and revised by leading New England educators, accreditation provides a clear direction for school communities striving to ensure their students receive outstanding educational experiences.

More information about the process of accrediation:

Life-skills for life!


How can we make sure our kids are prepared to navigate the journey of life, overcome challenges, and are able to create their own happiness and success? For the past three years, Strothoff has been working together with Global Young Leaders to assist secondary students in building a practical life-skill toolbox to do just that. Each year, MYP3-DP1 students run through two different workshops around key life topics like decision-making, intuition, mindset, navigating change, managing personal challenges, and being resilient to outside influences.

This December we focused on getting a grip on mindset, turning fear into courage, and decision-making. During each workshop, students exchanged personal experiences around these topics, became aware of personal challenges, and built a practical toolbox with insights and approaches to take the lead over these topics. By complimenting the regular knowledge-based education of students with a practical lifeskill set, students are set up for success in academia and beyond!

Next up in March, we explore how to navigate change and how to develop a strong connection to our intuition. Who is Global Young Leaders? Global Young Leaders is an international organization that works with international schools and universities globally to assist young people in developing life-skills so that they can manage their real-world challenges and create life by their own design. Based on research, their workshops help students understand and navigate key life topics such as decision making, outside influences, mindset, fear, change, and intuition. Through their hubs in the Netherlands, India, Kenya, Pakistan, and the USA, they work with young people around the world. Their workshops take place in an open setting where students are never told how to live their life or what decision they should make. Students are instead provided with the space to find their own answers and solutions.