Our school libraries

Our spacious primary and secondary school libraries offer bright, comfortable areas for lessons, reading and study. Collections totaling close to 18,000 print resources allow us to foster reading for pleasure and information. Students not only borrow a variety of resources during class visits and study times, but also enjoy taking part in reading promotion programmes.

The nonfiction collection supports the enquiry-driven EY/PYP and MYP/DP curricula. In pursuit of knowledge and concepts related to their units, students acquire skills in the use of the library catalogue, information databases and the access of reliable web resources with the teacher-librarian. Information literacy lessons include the development of academic honesty practices such as referencing and citation tools.

Come and visit us online and see our catalogue and information databases or in person!

Opening hours are
Monday to Thursday 7.45 - 17.00
Friday 7.45 - 12.00

Please note that the library will close at 16.00 on days when there are no after school activities.