Support Services

The Support Services department reinforces the school’s mission to ‘support everyone’s unique potential to become responsible members of their communities’. As an International Baccalaureate World School we value student diversity and respect individual learning differences. The support services department offers five support structures to students.


Students may have high achievement capabilities in areas such as intellect, leadership, or creativity. At Strothoff International School, we believe that students can develop their potential in these areas with a focus on enriched instructional and curricular opportunities. The curriculum may be extended and enriched for the high potential students in many ways, both inside and outside of school. Opportunities may include the use of:

  • Provision of specific extension materials and resources.
  • After school clubs for both primary and secondary, which includes Model United Nations (MUN) and International Award.
  • Mentoring by either a similarly talented or suitable encouraging adult or older pupil.
  • Links to outside agencies such as music tutors, universities, community organisations and professional sports coaches.

Learning Support (LS)

At Strothoff International School we are committed to an inclusive learning environment. The majority of the learning needs of our students are met by class teachers through differentiation. However, at certain stages some students may need specific intervention to help them achieve their potential. The Learning Support team works collaboratively with teachers, parents and outside agencies to support students with learning needs to learn strategies and skills to help them succeed. Our level of support ranges from incorporating learning strategies into the classroom to in-class support and, where appropriate, small group intervention. We are able to support students in developing their academic, social and self-management skills.


Counselling is available to support students who require a meeting in a safe and confidential environment. This can provide additional support during times of transition, conflict or challenge. Students are welcome to arrange a meeting by e-mail for an appointment. The first meeting will be confidential and does not require parental permission. Confidentiality will be maintained unless there is a concern of danger to self or others. However, if regular meetings are decided upon, the family is required to sign a permission letter.

College and Careers Counselling

Our goal is to guide each family through a student-centred process leading to the selection of a university or another career path that meets the academic and personal needs of the student.

We support students through a variety of careers resources: the “Colleges and Careers” section of the school’s website, the “Colleges and Careers” bulletin board, the Google Classroom page, and the “Careers” WhatsApp chat.

Individual career counselling takes place upon student request and is available to all secondary students. We also work closely with graduating students to assist them during the college application process. This includes support with regards to college and career choices, the filing of applications, the preparation of college statements and mock interviews.

Also, we offer informational sessions to educate students on different topics. For MYP5 students the focus of these events is on DP subject choices, possible career paths, language exams, and degree options (German “Realschulabschluss” vs. DP Diploma). DP1 & DP2 students receive information on college choices and the college application process.

Moreover, students receive additional information on career and college options from guest speakers and other visitors, such as college representatives or working professionals. There are frequent university visits throughout the school year. Upper level MYP students as well as DP students have the opportunity to meet with representatives, ask questions, and seek additional advice.