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PYP Teachers

Penelope Southgate

Primary School Principal

Wayne Quenneville

Primary School Assistant Principal
PYP Coordinator

Rosemary Donnelly

Homeroom Teacher PYP1D

Iris Hall

Homeroom Teacher PYP1H

Sophia Manji

Learning Assistant PYP1

Bryan Ellison

Homeroom Teacher PYP2E

Christine Nykvist

Homeroom Teacher PYP2N

Jane Merson

Learning Assistant PYP2

Thomas Kingwell

Homeroom Teacher PYP3K, Language Coordinator

Patricia Thomson

Homeroom PYP3T, ICT Coordinator

Olivia Ostler

Learning Assistant PYP3

Lezlie Faber

Homeroom Teacher PYP4F

Sarah Klar

Homeroom Teacher PYP4K

Ivana Zovak

Learning Assistant PYP4, Swimming Teacher

Ben Griffiths

Homeroom Teacher PYP5G

Samantha Oneschkow

Homeroom Teacher PYP5O, Enrichment Coordinator

Daniel Rettig

Learning Assistant PYP5

Britta Jope

German Teacher

Josina Schneider-Broekmans

German Teacher

Ilka Schneider

German Teacher

Natasa Markovic

German Teacher

Nancy Schultheiss

Learning Assistant German

Matt Baganz

Mathematics Coordinator

Stuart Taines

Physical Education Teacher

Christoper Riede

After School Activities Coordinator, Athletic Director

Avigal Rettig

Music Teacher KG1 - PYP2

Vanygella Shim

Music Teacher PYP3 - MYP3, Concert Band and Choir Teacher

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