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As a recognised childcare provider, we receive subsidies from both the state of Hesse and the municipality of Dreieich. However, due to the additional costs of our pedagogical concept, we are still dependent on the collection of parental fees. Since we would like to give all children the opportunity to visit our facility, we have decided to use an income-dependent fee model.

Fee table from 01.09.2022

Family income per year < 50.000€ < 75.000€ < 100.000€ < 125.000€ < 150.000€ < 200.000€ > 200.000€
Kindergarten 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 300€ 400€ 500€ 600€ 700€ 800€ 900€
Less promotion §32c 144€ 144€ 144€ 144€ 144€ 144€ 144€

No sibling discount for Kindergarten.

Additional costs

  • Lunch (5,20€ per meal, invoiced on a daily basis)
  • Afternoon care: 40€/month for Friday 2 - 4 p.m.
  • Kindergarten trips: 75€/year
  • Kindergarten clothing (as required) 
  • A one-time enrolment fee (2.5 times monthly fee) is due upon enrolment

To help parents and to offer learning opportunities for everyone in our community, Strothoff International School has some capacity to provide fee assistance/scholarships  to help with tuition fees.  All applications and related financial information are dealt with on a strictly confidential basis within the school management. For information or to apply for financial assistance, contact Admissions.

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