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Welcome to Strothoff International School

Why Strothoff International School?

Creativity – Sustainability – Leadership

Are you looking for a school that stands out positively from the clutter of the education market? In which your children are individually supported? That teaches them to work as a team and to apply their natural creativity? Where skills are at least as important as knowledge?

Strothoff International School is a school that educates your children to be self-confident project managers at a young age, who naturally develop ideas on how to deal locally with the global problems of this time?

Which helps to ensure that your children are motivated and enjoy going to school because they know what and why they are learning? A school where "digital thinking" is part of the daily routine, and that actively tackles current and future challenges rather than just reacting to them?

From which young people emerge who are prepared to face the tasks of their time and take on responsibility?

Read more about Creativity – Sustainability – Leadership!

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Jeanette Fürst, mother of two children at Strothoff International School

We have two children at Strothoff International School, both of whom began in Kindergarten. We have never regretted choosing this IB school. The school concept prepares them optimally for later life, and they go to school with joy every day. As parents, we also like the direct contact with the teachers which is always possible and the regular feedback discussions. The natural use of modern media helped in the Corona period to continue lessons seamlessly from home.

Michaela Löw-Schunk, Mother of one child at Strothoff International School

Eloquent and confident communication in English was and is very important to us, which is why we decided 11 years ago to send our son to SIS, beginning in Kindergarten. Today he is in MYP3 (Grade 8), and we are proud of his skills and achievements in English, his value-oriented and open-minded behavior, and his skills in researching and forming an opinion that he can represent sustainably. He has been learning and developing every day (even in the days of Covid 19) and is thus prepared for an independent and responsible life.

Michaela and Andreas Herdick, parents of one child at Strothoff International School

We were born in Germany, and our daughter was born in Geneva, Switzerland, while we were living there. She attended daycare in the French language, and we all enjoyed the multinational environment Geneva has to offer. When we returned to Germany, it was clear that we wanted to retain this and allow our daughter to grow up with exposure to different cultures and perspectives. Our daughter has been attending SIS since Kindergarten 1, and she is now in PYP3. She loves going to school and is doing so with a big smile every day. We like that at Strothoff kids get individual support in areas where they are strong to further exceed, and in areas for personal improvement. There is also a close interaction between the parents and the teachers, who are always available for exchange. During the COVID-19 lockdown in Spring 2020, the school did a great job preparing ahead of time and switched to online learning as of Day 1 of the lockdown. All subjects were taught. Also, for smaller kids, the offered online tools were appropriate, and virtual classroom sessions worked well.

Bettina Siegel, mother of two children at Strothoff International School

We currently have two children attending the PYP program at Strothoff International School. Due to our family background and fields of work, we feel that our kids need to be prepared and educated in an international context while equally honoring their German roots – Strothoff International School is a learning environment that provides all this and more. The international community and the commitment and openness of the teachers are amazing, and the kids love it! We were also impressed by the online learning organized during the Covid-19 crisis. The school was prepared and productive.

Merima Schumann, mother of one child at Strothoff International School

Before we decided on Strothoff International School, we looked at several private schools in the area, but no concept convinced us as much as what we discovered at SIS! What impressed us from the very beginning was the friendliness of the entire staff and the number of competent teachers the school has to offer. No lesson is ever cancelled; as soon as a teacher is sick, it is substituted by other faculty members. The enthusiasm of the educators to teach the students is quite evident. It is not only the teachers who bring enthusiasm for learning, it is the students themselves as well. Our son loves going to school at Strothoff, despite the relatively long days. The school has very small classes, so teachers can respond much better to individual students. Even in Corona times, the lessons were very well maintained using digital media like Zoom or Seasaw! After almost 3 years we are still convinced of our decision and find that our son is in very good hands here.

Eva Segner, mother of one child at Strothoff International School

After ten years of involvement in the PTA, I was able to work with many different teachers and parents and experience a variety of events across the whole school, such as unforgettable summer and winter fairs, concerts, and sports days. I was able to witness great engagement from teachers, parents and students, and I was the one learning the most out of it. The patience of the students and teachers for us parents is outstanding. We always want the best results in a short time, but we should know better - we learn our whole life long. Our school has made a lot of progress in the last ten years, and not only for Mr. Strothoff´s will but also for our own, we parents will continue nourishing the school spirit with our ideas, actions and dedication.

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