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Welcome to Strothoff International School

Why Strothoff International School?

For some of you, Frankfurt will be a new city, with a new language and a new way of life. Some of you may  just be looking for a new kind of education. Whatever your situation, we understand that there are many ways in which we can help you achieve your wishes.

Our goal is to help our students uncover their unique passions and abilities that will not only serve as preparation for university, but will also establish the foundation for a meaningful life.

That’s why we think that, besides the curriculum, the school community is an important factor when you are deciding whether your child and family will feel comfortable in a school.

Dear members of the school community, ladies and gentlemen,

We know Hans Strothoff as a passionate and committed person, a man with a clear vision. He touched the lives of many with his ideas and not only initiated countless projects over the last 40 years, but has also been an advocate of the young generation. It was part of his mission to prepare young people for the rising challenges of our times and to raise them to be open-minded and tolerant. That was his motivation when he founded Strothoff International School eleven years ago. He has been deeply involved in the school life as our generous supporter ever since.

Unfortunately, I have to share the sad news with you that Mr. Strothoff, founder, owner and CEO of the MHK group and founder of our school, has passed away after battling a serious illness.... [more]

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Rodrigo and Britta Berlie (Brazil and Germany) parents of one child attending Strothoff International School

I was born and raised in Brazil and my wife in Germany. I lived in the US for 10 years and met my wife while I was living there. Therefore my wife and I actually met each other and continue to communicate mainly in English. So in our case 1 + 1 is actually = 3, which can present a lot of challenges trying to raise a child in 2 different cultures and 3 different languages. Once our daughter was born, we realized that we needed a school that matched our family lifestyle. We started looking around for an International School which could help us not only academically, but also to raise our daughter in a multicultural, multi-lingual, open minded environment. That’s when we found the Strothoff International School. Our daughter has been attending the SIS since Kindergarten 1 and she is now in PYP 1. She is really happy there and looks forward to go to school on a daily basis. Besides that, academically, she is developing very nicely and having fun with the whole learning process. As parents, we couldn’t be any happier. The school has given her the necessary tools and opportunities for her to find her own way. She feels not only accepted and comfortable but also proud and confident about being able to speak multiple languages and to really understand and appreciate the differences among cultures. The challenges will continue to come and to change, but we are confident that together with the school staff and teachers we will be able to always find a way to help our daughter to continue to develop herself and to find her own way to become a person of whom she will be proud of.

Toake Kumagai (Japan), mother of three children attending Strothoff International School

As a Japanese expat family, we had the opportunity to send our children to the Japanese School in Frankfurt. Instead, we chose this school because we like the sense of community this school offers. When we first moved here, some of our children did not speak English at all. Thanks to the comfort and patience the teachers have shown to my children, not only they are now confident students in their studies but also on their way to become great IB learners. Unlike a large-scaled school, parents are encouraged to reach out to teachers directly when the parents have any small-or-large concerns about their students. The teachers will respond to the parents right away and offer some solutions that are best for the individual student. In this fast-paced world, it is truly valuable to receive the feedback right away so that students are able to get things back on track, even if they make some mistakes.

Lidel Freeman (USA), mother of two children attending Strothoff International School

We currently have 2 children attending SIS. We are American, but lived in Shanghai for 6 years prior to our move to Germany. We had many options for international schooling for our children. The close knit community of this school offers so much and made our choice easy. Unlike some of the other schools, class sizes are small which enables more individualized attention. The teachers and staff are always available to help with any needs the children have. The school also offers the IB program. There are many different nationalities which makes school more interesting to our children and enables them to see the world differently. 

Kurt van Wyk, Alumni ('14)

I enjoyed my time as a student at SIS. The school has a very comfortable learning atmosphere, and I believe this is largely supported by the staff. Students are provided with an education that encourages them to aim for success, but which also remains suited to the child’s needs. I appreciated having the opportunity to be educated in an environment where the school body shows a great deal of respect for individuals, regardless of cultural background and personal interests. Thanks to the school following the principles of the International Baccalaureate, students are shown the importance and benefits of being a well-rounded and globally aware citizen. Additionally, by offering the IB diploma program in the final two years of school, students are given a great degree of freedom in choosing their subjects, and thus have a strong starting block from which to direct their future careers. I graduated in May 2014 with a bilingual IB diploma that has proven to be widely recognized by many universities.

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